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Tom doesn't get up very early on Sundays and neither()I.

Tom doesn't get up very early on Sundays and neither()I.




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--Shall I get some chalk for you?-- _____________.A.That's rightB.No, thanks, let T

A、A.That's right

B、B.No, thanks, let Tom do it

C、C.I can do it without you

D、D.Not at all

Journalists and TV people, we know, are () to record what goes on: but in trying to get
Journalists and TV people, we know, are () to record what goes on: but in trying to get the best () they can, they may sometimes seem amazingly cold-blooded. In the massacre that followed the British quitting India, () was a photographer who made a sorrowing Indian family bury and rebury () dead several times () he got a perfect shot. A BBC sound man held up a Nigerian execution for half an hour while he adjusted his sound equipment; you could say it didn 't () any difference to the final outcome, but it doesn 't make you feel especially warm towards the man () .
Should journalists and photographers join in, () just stand back and watch while people kill () another? It 's a tricky question, not just a () of how brave anyone is feeling at the time, () without authentic pictures, how will the world know, how should the world believe () crimes are committed? One dead photographer does not do much for the cause he cares about, even () he did feel forced to join in and take sides.
To stay out of the fight, to write () what 's going on, to treat () with both sides, as a doctor will cure soldiers in () uniform. or a lawyer argue for either side —that is supposed to be our code, and when it () to the crutch, we probably do better trying to stick () that, than rushing off on individual impulse. But is there not a point in any profession () you are forced back against the wall () a human being? I think there is, and I was.
1、A) ready B) supposed C) responsible D) eager
2、A) record B) report C) essay D) article
3、A) here B) where C) there D) he
4、A) its B) the C) their D) that
5、A) when B) after C) before D) till
6、A) do B) become C) change D) make
7、A) concerning B) concerns C) concerned D) concern
8、A) but B) or C) and D) only
9、A) each B) every C) one D) all
10、A) fact B) case C) thing D) matter
11、A) but B) although C) for D) because
12、A) which B) what C) that D) such
13、A) if B) when C) then D) as
14、A) up B) away C) down D) in
15、A) equally B) evenly C) averagely D) similarly
16、A) neither B) both C) either D) all
17、A) speaks B) comes C) talks D) goes
18、A) to B) for C) on D) in
19、A) which B) where C) that D) what
20、A) as B) like C) unlike D) for

A typical lion tamer (驯兽师) in people’s mind is an entertainer holding a whip (鞭子
A typical lion tamer (驯兽师) in people’s mind is an entertainer holding a whip (鞭子)and a chair. The whip get all of the attention, but it’s mostly for show. In reality, it’s the chair that does the important work. When a lion tamer holds a chair in front of the lion’s face, the lion tries to focus on all four legs of the chair at the same time. With its focus divided, the lion becomes confused and is unsure about what to do next. When faced with so many options, the lion chooses to freeze and wait instead of attacking the man holding the chair.How often do you find yourself in the same position as the lion? How often do you have something you want to achiever (e,g. lose weight, start a business, travel more )–only to end up confused by all of the options in front of you and never make progress? This upsets me to no end because while all the experts are busy debating about which option is best, the people who want to improve their lives are left confused by all of the conflicting information. The end result is that we feel like we can’t focus or that we’re focused on the wrong things, and so we take less action, make less progress, and stay the same when we could be improving. It doesn’t have to be that way. Anytime you find the world waving a chair in your face, remember this: All you need to do is focus on one thing. You just need to get started. Starting before you feel ready is one of the habits of successful people. If you have somewhere you want to go, something you want to accomplish, someone you want to become--take immediate action. If you’re clear about where you want to go, the rest of the world will either help you get there or get out the way.
(1)、Why does the lion tamer use a chair? ()
A、To trick the lion.
B、To show off his skill .
C、To get ready for a fight.
D、To entertain the audience.
(2)、In what sense are people similar to a lion facing a chair? ()
A、They feel puzzled over choices.
B、They hold on to the wrong things.
C、They find it hard to make changes.
D、They have to do something for show.
(3)、What is the author’s attitude towards the experts mentioned in paragraph 3? ()
(4)、When the world is “waving a chair in your face”, you’re advised to_____. ()
A、wait for a better chance
B、break your old habits
C、make a quick decision
D、ask for clear guidance
(5)、In the fifth paragraph, the word “accomplish” means ______. ()

Successful events don' t just happen - they' re the result of __1__ .The __2__ the event, the bigger the plan. Just because Christian events are usually run by volunteers doesn' t mean you can get away with less planning. The more effort you put in beforehand, the more successful your event will be. Here are the key issues you need to think about when planning your event.
Choose an event people want to come to. You don' t want people coming to your event just because they' re supporting their church. You want them to come because they want to be there, because the event is so compelling they can' t afford to __3__ it. __4__ it' s a concert or teaching event, a visiting speaker or a drama production, make sure the content will __5__ the people you expect to be there……




- Hey, Tom, what's up?- __________A.Yes, definitely!B.Oh, not much.C.What is happen
- Hey, Tom, what's up?
- __________
A.Yes, definitely!
B.Oh, not much.
C.What is happening in your life?
D.You are lucky.
The moment Tom saw his playmates come, a glorious idea () his mind.

A、popped up in

B、popped into

C、popped out

D、popped off

Elizabeth Blackwell was born in England in 1821, and moved to New York City when she was ten years old. One day she decided that she wanted to become a doctor. That was nearly impossible for a woman in the middle of the nineteenth century. After writing many letters asking for admission to medical schools, she was finally accepted by a doctor in Philadelphia. She was so determined that she taught school and gave music lessons to get money for the cost of schooling.
In 1849, after graduation from medical school, she decided to further her education in Paris. She wanted to be a surgeon(外科医师), but a serious eye problem forced her to give up the idea.
Upon returning to the United States, she found it difficult to start her own practice because she was a woman. By 1857 Elizabeth and her sister, also a doctor, along with another woman doctor, managed to open a new hospital, the first for women and children Besides being the first woman physician and founding her own hospital , she also set up the first medical school for women.
(1) Why couldn’t Elizabeth Blackwell realize her dream of becoming a surgeon?
A.She couldn’t get admitted to medical school.
B.She decided to further her education in Paris.
C.A serious eye problem stopped her.
D.It was difficult for her to start a practice in the United States.
(2) What main obstacle almost destroyed Elizabeth’s chances for becoming for a doctor?
A.She was a woman.
B.She wrote too many letters.
C.She couldn’t graduate from medical school.
D.She couldn’t set up her hospital.
(3) How many years passed between her graduation from medical school and the opening of her hospital?
A.Eight years B.Ten years
C.Nineteen years D.Thirty-six years
(4) According to the passage, all of the following are “firsts” in the life of Elizabeth Blackwell,
A.became the first woman physician.
B.was the first woman doctor.
C.and several other women founded the first hospital for women and children.
D.set up the first medical school for women.
(5) Elizabeth Blackwell spent most of her lift in_______.
C.the United States
D.New York City

Little Tom is used to getting up()eight every morning.





The teacher said Tom is () average in his lessons.





When his shoes _______, Tom just throws them away.

A、come to an end

B、are put to use

C、are used up

D、wear out

“Let’s go down once more, push your enter key...” says a volunteer helping senior citizens work a web session on the Internet.
David Lansdale has found a way to spark up the lives of the elderly. He gets them wired to the Internet.
“If you hit your enter key, it will bring up this particular email...”
Pauline Allen is one of those who have started using the Internet, “I thought I was through with life, I was ready for a rocking chair, because I was 86 years old. And I haven’t found the rocking chair, yet. ”
“You found the keyboard ?” asked the reporter. “That’s right, I found the keyboard.”
The average age of Lansdale’s students is around 68. All are in nursing homes or assisted care homes. He used family relationships to introduce them to the World Wide Web.
David Lansdale says, “Here they are in California, the family was back in New York, the opportunity to connect, to cross the time and space, was an incredibly precious opportunity for them.”
“I hear you are so beautiful.” Lillian Sher dictates e -mail to a newborn great-granddaughter. Working with one another, the seniors learn as a group. They learn to master the Internet and to overcome what Lansdale calls the maladies of the institutionalized: loneliness, helplessness, boredom, and cognitive decline.
Mary Harvey says, “Bingo just doesn’t appeal to me. But this does, believe me, this does. ”
Ninety-four year old Ruth Hyman is a star pupil and instructor. She says, “When I send a letter to my grandchildren, and great grandchildren, they hang it up in their offices, just like I used to hang their drawings on my refrigerator. Ha, ha. ”
David Lansdale says, “There’s a collective benefit. There is an element, a tremendous element of therapy. Remember we started as a support group. ”
Dixon Morehouse says, “I just wish I were 15 years old and getting to learn all this.” The seniors call their weekly meetings Monday Night Live. And many say the meetings have given them new life.
Ruth Hyman says, “Three years ago, they told me I wasn’t going to live. But I showed them, and got work, and I’ve worked ever since. ”
1、The suitable title of this news story is ()
A、Lonely Senior Citizens and Their Volunteers
B、Senior Citizens in Nursing Homes
C、Senior Citizens Surf the Web for Health of Mind and Body
D、How Senior Citizens Learn to use Computer
2、What does the phrase “spark up ” mean?
A、light up
3、By saying “I thought I was through with life, I was ready for a rocking chair, because I was 86 years old And I haven’t found the rocking chair yet.” Pauline Allen means ()
A、she used to think she was too old to do anything、But now she doesn’t think so
B、she is eager to look for a rocking chair to sit on
C、she would rather die in her rocking chair
D、she is too old and finds life is meaningless
4、Why did Mary Harvey’s grandchildren and great grandchildren hang her letter up in their offices?
A、Because there was a picture in her letter
B、Because she used to hang their letters up
C、Because they were proud of her
D、Because they liked to read the letter every day
5、Which of the following is NOT mentioned as the advantage of a web session on the Internet?
A、It can make senior citizens become closer to their family
B、It can contribute to family’s occasional visit to the seniors
C、It serves as a therapy
D、It can bring the senior citizens self-confidence

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