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According to figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average weekly income for a woman in 1983 was $ 260. For the same year, men had average weekly earnings of $ 393. For some people, these figures are clear evidence that there is still sex discrimination in the area of pay in the U. S. However, I would argue that this explanation is too simple. In order to get an accurate picture of the situation, we must examine the types of jobs which are typically held by men and by women. When we do this, we find that certain occupations seem to be primarily female while others seem to be primarily male occupations. In the medical and legal professions, for example, statistics show that 85% of all doctors and lawyers are men (although this situation is changing). More than 90% of all engineers are men. Women, however, have been the majority for a long time in other occupations. For example, 99 out of every 100 secretaries are women, and 95% of all nurses are female. From these statistics, it is clear that women tend to enter certain occupations and not others. The occupations which they enter are often in service industries and often have one common feature: They do not pay well. It can be argued that this is the principal reason for the difference in earnings between men and women. In addition, we can expect the pay situation to change in the future, because more qualified women are beginning careers in medicine, law, business, scientific research, and engineering.

What jobs have typically been held by women?

A.Jobs as doctors and lawyers.

B.Jobs in service industries.

C.Jobs in areas without sex discrimination.

D.Jobs in areas where women are respected.


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When Mike Kelly first set out to build his own private space-ferry service, he figures his bread-and-butter business would be lofting satellite into high earth orbit. Now he thinks he may have figured wrong. "People were always asking me when they could go," says Kelly, who runs Kelly Space Technology, "I realized the real market is in space tourism."
According to preliminary market surveys, there are 10,000 would-be space tourists willing to spend $1 million each to visit the final frontier. Space Adventures in Arlington have taken more than 130 deposits for a two-hour, $98,000 space tour tentatively set to occur by 2005. This may sound great, but there are a few hurdles: Putting a simple satellite into orbit--with no oxygen, lift: support or return trip necessary—already costs an astronomical $2,200/kg. And that doesn't include the cost of insuring rich and possibly litigious (爱打官司的) passengers. The entire group of entrepreneurs trying to comer the space- tourism market has between them "just enough money to blow up one rocket".
The U.S. space agency has plenty of money but zero interest in making space less expensive for the little guys. So the little guys are racing to do what the government has failed to do: design a reusable launch system that's inexpensive, safe and reliable. Kelly Space's prototype looks like a plane that has sprouted rocket engines. Rotary Rocket in California has a booster with rotors to make a helicopter-style. return to earth. The first passenger countdowns arc still years away, but bureaucrats at the Federal Aviation Administration in Washington arc already informally discussing flight regulations. After all, you can't be too prepared for a trip to that galaxy far, far away.
Which of the following is the best title for the passage?
A.Take Vacations in Space
B.Building Hotels in Space
C.Flight Regulations in Space Travels
D.Cost of Space Traveling
Life really should be one long journey of joy for children who are bora with a world of wealth at their tiny feet.But experts on psychological research now believe that silver spoons can leave a bitter taste. If suicide statistics are a sign of happiness, then the rich are a miserable lot. Figures show that it is the rich who most often do away with themselves.
Dr. Robert Coles, an internationally famous doctor, is the world&39;s top expert on the influence of money on children. He haswriTitten awell-received book on the subject, The Privileged Ones, and his research shows that too much money in the family can cause as many problems as too little. Obviously there are certain advantagesto being rich,," says the 53-year-old doctor, such as better health, education and future work expectation. But most important is the quality of family-life. Money can&39;t buy love."
It can buy a lot of other things, though, and that&39;s where the trouble starts. Rich kids have so much to choose from that they often become confused. Their parents&39;over favoring can make them spoiled. They tend to travel more than other children, from home to home and country to country, which often makesthem feel restless. "
But privileged children do have a better senseof their positions in the world ; ." adds Mr. Coles, "and they are more self-assured."
Today&39;s rich parents perhaps have realized that their riches can be more of a burden than a favor to their children. So their priority is to ensure that their families are as rich in love as they are in money.
According to the passage,children of rich families ______.
A.enjoy traveling
B.can buy love
C.usually commit suicide
D.are not always happy
Dr. Robert Coles believes that______ .A.being rich hasas many advantagesas being poor
B.rich children often get too little entertainment
C.rich children sometimes can't enjoy the thing they aremost in needof
D.rich children aren'tgiven enough things
Which of the following statementsis NOT TRUE according to the passage?A.It is love that is always lacking in rich and poor families alike.
B.Silver spoonscan sometimes leave abitter taste.
C.Money can't buy everything.
D.Rich children are often confused becausethey have so much to choosefrom.
The expression “silver spoons” in Paragraph1 means_____ .A.very expensive spoons
B.rich people
D.spoonsmade of silver
This article is written mainly to tell readersthat .A.the rich are more likely to do away with themselves
B.money can bring alot of things, including love
C.life is always happy for children of rich parents
D.rich parentsshould realize what is important in the family is love rather than money

Statistical figures show that it is______that smoking will damage one's health.A.indispens
Statistical figures show that it is______that smoking will damage one's health.

We are looking for someone with the ______ of patience, tolerance and understanding.





The figures of speech of idioms include the following except .()

A、 simile

B、 metaphor

C、 metonymy

D、 juxtaposition

The leading figures of the naturalism at the turn of 19th century are Thomas Hardy, JohnGalsworthy and Bernard Shaw. ()

Learning English for 2008 Beijing OlympicsYang Zhenhua has been a taxi driver for years
Learning English for 2008 Beijing Olympics
Yang Zhenhua has been a taxi driver for years. He knows every corner of the city. His work usually wins him thanks except when he meets foreigners, for Yang doesn't know any English.
"Now I study English in my free time," said Yang in his 40s. He pulls an English textbook from the toolbox. "I study English to help with Beijing Olympics," he said proudly. Yang is just one of the millions of common people in Beijing who started to learn English when Beijing became the host city of the 2008 Olympic Games. Learning and speaking is hot among the people of this 3,000-year-old city. From schools to factories, men and women, old and young are studying their "ABC". Books teaching useful expressions for everyday communication(交际) are the most popular.
Some people, such as taxi drivers, bus conductors and the policemen, are asked to learn basic English. Nearly 3,000 students from 50 universities in Beijing went to the streets last August as volunteers to teach English to the people of this city. They taught common and useful sentences, such as greetings and asking and answering simple questions. Official figures show that about 15% of Beijing citizens can speak English. It is said that it will rise to 70% or 80% during the following years. Besides, the government encourages the use of English in many places. The city underground railways give messages by radio in both English and Chinese. English, not Chinese, is used as the most important working language for the Olympic Committee(委员会). Nearly all the committee members can speak English freely. Many are good at the language.
1)、Yang Zhenhua can hardly win himself thanks from foreigners because he is a common taxi driver.
2)、According to the passage, the English beginners in Beijing like to learn English news best.
3)、Nearly 3,000 students from 50 universities in Beijing went to the streets last August to tell people the importance of English.
4)、Beijing citizens are encouraged to use as much English as possible.
5)、The passage is about more and more people are learning English in Beijing.
利用无线电话发送无线电报时,发送字母前应加入()后,再发送字母.A、INLETTERSB、LETTERSC、IN FI
The three dominant figures of the American Realistic Period are William Dean Howells, Mark Twain and _______.

A、Emily Dickinson

B、Henry James

C、Theodore Dreiser

D、Ezra Pound

When the world was a simpler place, the rich were fat, the poor were thin, and right-thinking people worried about how to feed the hungry. Now, in much of the world, the rich are thin, the poor are fat, and right-thinking people are worrying about obesity.
Evolution is mostly to blame. It has designed mankind to cope with deprivation, not plenty. People are perfectly tuned to store energy in good years to see them through lean ones. But when bad times never come, they are stuck with that energy, stored around their expanding bellies.
Thanks to rising agricultural productivity, lean years are rarer all over the globe. Modernday Malthusians, who used to draw graphs proving that the world was shortly going to run out of food, have gone rather quiet lately. According to the UN, the number of people short of food fell from 920m in 1980 to 799m 20 years later, even though the world's population increased by 1.6 billion over the period. This is mostly a cause for celebration. Mankind has won what was, for most of his time on this planet, his biggest battle: to ensure that he and his offspring had enough to eat. But every silver lining has a cloud, and the consequence of prosperity is a new plague that brings with it a
host of interesting policy dilemmas.
As a scourge of the modern world, obesity has an image problem. It is easier to associate with Father Christmas than with the four horses of the apocalypse. But it has a good claim to lumber along beside them, for it is the world's biggest public-health issue today—the main cause of heart disease, which kills more people these days than AIDS, malaria, war; the principal risk factor in diabetes; heavily implicated in cancer and other diseases. Since the World Health Organisation labelled obesity an "epidemic" in 2000, reports on its fearful consequences have come thick and fast.
Will public-health warnings, combined with media pressure, persuade people to get thinner, just as they finally put them off tobacco? Possibly. In the rich world, sales of healthier foods are booming (see survey) and new figures suggest that over the past year Americans got very slightly thinner for the first time in recorded history. But even if Americans are losing a few ounces, it will be many years before the country solves the health problems caused by half a century's dining to excess. And, everywhere else in the world, people are still piling on the pounds. That's why there is now a consensus among doctors that governments should do something to stop them.
The author write this passage mainly to ______.
A.bring up some warnings.
B.tell the reader some new facts.
C.discuss a solution to a problem.
D.persuade the reader to keep fit.
Idioms manifest apparent rhetorical colouring which excludes .()
A. lexical manipulation
B. stylistic manipulation
C. phonetic manipulation
D. figures of speech

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